Conversations for the Math Community: Equity in Action
Creating an inclusive community begins with acknowledging the issues to transform the way we learn, think, teach, and act. 

The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) has made diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority for the mathematical community. This series was developed to help you think critically when engaging in conversations about diversity while expanding your capacity to teach and support others. Let’s build our awareness and become change agents as we navigate the math community ensuring that we all are equally supported in our mathematical journey.

meet the presenters
Rosalie Bélanger-Rioux
McGill University, Faculty Lecturer
MIT, Applied Mathematics PhD '14
McGill University, Honours Applied Mathematics BSc '09
Sara Rezvi
University of Illinois at Chicago, Doctoral Student
University of Chicago, AB '06, MAT '08 Math/Edu
About the series
Creators, Sara Rezvi and Rosalie Bélanger-Rioux, have prepared a series of webinars and related assignments that discuss issues of equity, access, justice, identity, and inclusion. MAA is proud to partner with Sara and Rosalie to offer you tools and strategies for the necessary work of creating meaningful and actionable change in our mathematical communities. Moreover, they will offer guidance and training on becoming a facilitator, so you can offer the webinars at your workplace and moderate the critical conversations that will ensue.  
These webinars were created for those who see the importance of equity and are eager to explore new ways to promote a better culture in their workplace. They are also for those who may not understand the complexities of the topic, those who know some but want to learn more, or those who are concerned about the changes the future holds. 
We challenge you to attend these workshops, come prepared with an open and inquisitive mind, and actively participate in the conversations. Be brave and allow yourself to question your assumptions. We look forward to you joining the fight for a more equitable math community!
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Mark Your Calendar
Live sessions are planned for the fall. The audience to have a chance to interact with Rosalie and Sara. Attendees will be able to ask them questions, learn more about these webinars, and all that this community has to offer.
definition of a mathematician

The Definition of a Mathematician

On September 22nd, 3-5pm, explore the definition of a mathematician, what that means for the people doing mathematics, and what that has to do with oppression.

mind the microaggressions

Mind the Microaggressions

On October 6th, 3-5pm , learn about microaggressions, how and why they add up. Apply this in a case study based on a true story.
Be an active bystander

Be an Active Bystander

On November 3rd, 3-5pm ET, understand five stages of being an active bystander, and the associated benefits and barriers. Practice intervening in various scenarios.

Be an active bystander

Facilitated Role-Playing

On Decemeber 1st, 3-5pm ET, practice putting into action some of what we have learned.

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